Frequently Asked Questions

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What is a Venue?
Venues or Places are business listings for a specific geographical business location. If you have multiple branches of the same business, you need to add a Venue Place listing for each location separately.
What is a Business Name or Brand Name?
The Business Name is your official business name. make sure you use the business name your users know you by. Brand Names are the actual brand you represent or own. Most plans allow you adding multiple brand names. Your Business Logo or BrandLogo will appear on all notifications sent by your business to your end users giving you better branding.
What are Registered Users?
Users who add your venue listing to their favourites. This is basically an opt-in from the user to accept receiving notifications from your business. You need to promote your Whats-OUT App presence to your end customers and entice them to add your listing to their favourites in order to start engaging with them via Geo-Fence, Beacon, and Push Notification messages.
What does Interactions Mean?
Whanever a user enters or leaves a region or beacon proximity that you have setup, their phone interacts with our system and displays the messages and other details you have set-up in your dashboard. Each of these interactions is recorded, and is shown in your dashboard with multiple details.
What is a Geofence?
Regions are also known as geofences. Whats-OUT is a Geo-fence enabled App. Such apps and tools monitor when mobile devices or other physical objects enter or exit an established geo-fenced area and provide administrators with alerts when there is a change in status for a device. This allows you to set-up Geo-Fences and send out notifications when a scenario is triggered. See scenarios below
What is a Beacon?
Beacons transmit small amounts of data via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) up to 80 meters, and as a result are often used for indoor location technology, although beacons can be used outside as well. Beacons allow you to send triggered messages when visitors are within the range of your beacon.
What are Campaigns?
Campaigns are used to define what happens when users are within a geofence region or within the proximity of any of your beacons. You can add multiple triggers inside a single campaign.
What are Scenarios?
Scenarios are used to decide what happens when users of your app enter or leave a region of a GeoFence or beacon area. You can add your marketing messages in multiple languages, and decide if you want to go beyond a notification and show them a web site, coupon, image, template or an app. You decide on how often a user is engaged, and on which dates and days.
What are Offers in Whats-OUT?
You can create offers to be displayed to people near your business when they open the App. Simply add offer descriptions, images, validity dates and other details. You can have time based offers or ongoing offers without any time limitation, single or multi use offers, quantity based offers, and exclusive offers options.
What are Exclusive Offers? and Why Should I make my Offers Exclusive?
Exclusive offers are offers that are not available outside of Whats-OUT App. By having exclusive offers, this encourages your users to download and keep the APP allowing you direct access to the users in the future for further targeted marketing to those who engaged with your offers previously.
Can I have my listing in different languages?
Yes, each listing can have multiple language versions of it. We currently support English, French, Spanish, Arabic, Hebrew and Greek. More languages will be added soon.
What are Push notifications?
It is a way for your business on the Whats-OUT app to send information to your customers phone (via a badge, alert, or pop up message) even when the app isn't in use. Whats-OUT allows you to send at will notifications, both as regular text or as Rich Media format.
What are Rich Media Notifications?
Rich Media Notifications are similar to text except, you can add pictures, backgrounds, and most importantly "Call to Action" buttons such as active web buttons, Tap to Call us buttons, Play a video and more.
What are GeoNotifications?
GeoNotifications are notifications that are sent to people that are in a specific geographic area you define via a GeoFence in your dashboard account. They can be regular text or even Ritch Media notifications.
Can I schedule my push notifications?
Yes of course. depending on your plan, but most plans allow you to set-up a schedule with all your outgoing notifications ahead of time. This works for all notification types as well.
Can I personalize my messages?
Yes, of course, we include the ability to use the customer "first name" and "last name" to greet and personalise your proximity notifications. And yes, we allow you to do this in multiple languages. In fact, you can set-up as many languages as you wish.
I already have my own APP, why do I need to join Whats-OUT?
First, being on Whats-OUT is a definite added value to your business. You can look at it as another marketing channel to complement your APP. Further, most business apps will not give you the power of proximity marketing features that Whats-OUT offers. And finally Whats-OUT brings the power of a single APP. You will get exposure from customers that do not have your app, and this will drive more traffic to your business as well as brand awareness.